Simple Joys!

I think one of my favorite things about running lately has been the way the evenings have become this very special time for me to reconnect with myself and with the natural beauty around me. Just having a moment to crest the hills near my home and feel the crisp evening air and smell the sun baked grass feels so tremendously restorative.

I’m busy! And so are you I bet. We all are. When you’re a mother it can be especially hard because oftentimes even ‘downtime’ includes caring for someone else- putting their needs first, fetching juice, changing a diaper, wiping away tears. But running….that’s just for me. That’s MY time, and boy does it do me good. Running isn’t just exercise for me: it’s my time to dream, to think, to listen to nature (or music!) and to connect with others and most importantly, to connect with myself.

I’m very lucky to have running in my life. Catching the sunset, feeling my legs burn, getting calves speckled with mud as I fly (or sometimes creep) through the lush hills around me- this is icing on an already joy filled (and busy!) cake.


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