Ultra Quest: Part 1

Next week I will be approaching the start of my 18 week long training program for the Skyline 50k. This will be my first attempt at an Ultra distance race and I am very excited. Very, very excited. Stupid excited.


Check out how excited I am! Derp!

When I felt ready to try a 50k I purchased an excellent array of books on Ultra Running so I could start getting an idea of how to prepare. Unfortunately, there is no replacement for experience and as an Ultra newbie (ha! bad pun!) I really am going in blind. Attempting to use information gathered from a number of sources, I came up with a plan that I hope will get me to my goals. If not, I’ll see what works for me, and learn.

Because I am a busy mom with limited time, one of the greatest challenges I found when trying to understand how to train for my race is that very few 50k training plans fit into my schedule. Fortunately I found one that did, and combined it with a marathon training schedule that I like. My primary considerations are as follows:

  1. My number one goal is to finish strong, meet some great people and have a good time. That is all.
  2. I’m still recovering from a bad hip injury and I seem to fare best on 4 runs a week. I don’t want to overdo it and find myself hobbled by an injury again but I also don’t want to be under-prepared. So I am trying to train as best I can, on as few miles as I can.
  3. Some of my runs will be with a 90lb dual stroller on road. This cannot be avoided. If I want to get in all of my miles, I have to log some of them with my toddler sons.
  4. Cross-training consists on some short cycling workouts on a trainer and some light weight training to compliment my running.

And so, this is the plan I am using: 18 Week 50K Training.


I’ll be posting weekly updates about how training is going up till the Skyline 50k and we’ll see just how this goes! Share your thoughts? Any input or advice for a first time 50k?

Happy running!


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